Continuation of how to play the trumpet.

To produce the sound “DO” you don’t need to press any valve.the images will be seen below, for more understanding.the three circles represent the trumpet’s valves,if a circle is shaded,it means your finger should be pressing on same valve as the diagram represents.but if non is shaded, your fingers must not press any valve to make desired notes. Now the first image, the three circles are not shaded. So all you will do is to exhale steadily to make a “buzzing” sound ‘Dooo’.                                     2. To produce another sound ‘RE’ valve “1”and”3″should be pressdown to make the sound ‘Reee’.                                                3. To produce the sound “MI” valve “1” and “2” is press down to make sound ‘Miii’                                                  4. For sound “FA” press down valve “1” only, to make sound ” Faaa”.                                                5. Also, to make sound ‘SO’ don’t pressdown any valve, just exhale with steady force to tyliy sound     “Soo “. 6. To make sound “LA” pressdown valve “1” and “2” keep your lips still tight and exhale into the mouthpiece to produce sound ‘Laaa’                                     7. To produce sound “TI” pressdown the middle valve that is, “2” to produce sound “Tiii”.                                                      8. To produce sound “DO Upper” don’t pressdown any valve, just exhale with force to sound “Dooo upper”.             Note:As you are going up from (D R M F S L T D) keep increasing the force of exhaling air into the mouthpiece. l hope this tutorial is helpful,l will post some songs with their sofa notes to help you practice.l will like to see your comments.


How to play the trumpet.

To play the trumpet, you need to know about the parts and also how handle it properly for convenience. Trumpets have many parts with different functions such as: The Piston valves used to produce different notes, the mouthpiece for blowing air into the trumpet, the lead pipe is the place where mouthpiece is inserteld and the finger hook to the trumpet. To handle trumpet, first you need to place your left Ring finger through the Ring on trumpet.wrap your left index and middle finger around the valve casing. Place your left thumb on the slide next to the first valve.avoid resting your left palm against the valve casing. Now, you are ready to play. For you to play the trumpet, follow the steps below. (1).lightly close your lips,you can do this by pronouncing letter “M” (2). then place your your lips on the mouthpiece and steadily exhale. (3). don’t let your cheeks puff out, keep your lips in the same lightly closed position each time you are playing.(4). Try to make a “buzz”sound,then use the Piston valves to change the notes accordingly.(5). You can make these sounds: DO RE MI FA SO LA

The tutorial continues later.


The trumpet is constructed of brass tubing Bent twice into a rounded oblong with all brass instruments , sound is produce by blowing air through closed lips, producing a “buzzing”sound in to the mouthpiece and starting a standing 🌊 vibration in the air column inside the trumpet.they can select the pitch from a range of overtones or harmonics by changing the lip aperture and tension.the mouthpiece as a circular rim, which gives a comfortable environment for the lip’s vibration. Directly behind the rim is cup, which directs the in a much smaller opening (the back bore or shank) that tapers out slightly to match the diameter of the 🎺 pipe lead.the dimensions of these parts of the mouthpiece affects the timbrel or quality of sound, the case of playerbility and play comfort.generally, the wider and deeper the cup, the darker the sound and timbre.modern trumpets have three or four pistol valves, each of which increases the length of tubing when engaged, thereby lowering the pitch.

All about musical instrumentsd

Musical instruments: are instruments designed to make musical general,any object that produces sound can be regarded as a musical instrument. musical instrument evolved step with changing applications.the history of musical instruments dates to the beginnings of human culture.musical instruments such as trumpets are used to signal success on hunting,or a 🥁 in religious ceremonies.then culture s eventually developed composition and performance of melodies for entertainment.


There are many methods of classifying musical instruments.various methods examine aspects such as the physical properties of the instruments, that is, material, color, shape e.t.c.

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